The Job Interview: Handle It Right

Everything may depend on the first ten minutes of face-to-face dialogue.

Many a job opportunity is won-or-lost in the personal interview - the time in which you are sized up for qualities that do not surface on a performance test or in a resume. Everything depends on the thoroughness of your preparation and how intelligently you go about selling the toughest commodity of all - YOU.

The three points that you have to get across to your prospective employer are:
  • Your background and experience are right for the job.
  • Your personality and intelligence can make a positive contribution to the company.
  • You have a sincere interest in the job and the company.
Write out questions you will ask during the interview. Remember that an interview is a two-way street. The employer will try to determine through questioning if you have the qualifications necessary to do the job. You must determine through questioning whether the company will give you the opportunity for the growth and development you seek. Take your research notes and questions to the interview. Questions you plan to ask the interviewer might cover topics such as:
  • A detailed description of the position.
  • The reason the position is available.
  • Anticipated indoctrination and training programs.
  • Advanced training programs available for those who demonstrate outstanding ability.
  • Company growth plans.
  • The next step in the selection process.
Determine in advance the four most important benefits that you can offer a company because of your education and experience. Since merely responding to an interviewer's questions may not allow you to express these benefits, YOU must be prepared to work them into the conversation on your own initiative. Many qualified individuals have not been offered the job they wanted only because the hiring official did not ask questions which brought out their best points. Remember, define the benefits you can offer a company and communicate them to the hiring official.

Ask your consultant for a current list of interview questions; preparation reduces stress in the interview process.

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